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18.04.2024 | News

Gowago further increases market share

Gowago has been shaking up the car market since 2017 with the aim of making car financing simpler, more transparent and digital through the use of AI. In the first quarter of 2024, the Swiss car platform recorded a 150 % growth compared to the same period of the previous year. Gowago has established itself from a start-up to a strong player in the leasing and mobility sector and has set ambitious goals for the future.

21.02.2024 | News

FinanceScout24 expands it finance comparison tool to include car leasing with Gowago

From vehicle search to finance – a new partnership between the comparison portal FinanceScout24 and the Swiss autotech company Gowago is set to simplify your digital search for the right finance solution when buying a car.

27.09.2023 | News

Occasion Leasing to counteract impact of inflation

The Swiss leasing company has registered an increase of 250% of used cars being leased compared to the previous year, surpassing the amount of new cars being financed with leasing. The platform sees this increase as a logical result of the conjunction of inflation, rising prices among new and used cars, as well as lingering effects from broken delivery lines during the first half of the year.

12.09.2023 | News

Here are the dream cars of our customers' children

To express our gratitude to our customers, we wanted to involve them in a new creative project. We asked their children or those of their loved ones to share with us a drawing of their dream car. With some assistance from Midjourney and a sprinkle of magic, we transformed their drawings into realistic car models and brought them to life. The aim of this project is to create a unique and memorable keepsake, serving as a reminder that any dream can become a reality.

19.07.2023 | Press Release

This is How Artificial Intelligence Renders the Typical Drivers of the Swiss Cantons and Their Cars

After captivating an audience of over 20 million and gaining more than 100’000 likes with their anthropomorphised car-inspired animals on LinkedIn, Zurich-based startup is continuing its fresh approach to car-focussed content. The fintech is now focusing their creativity on their home country, generating AI-inspired, car-themed visuals reflecting the distinct spirit of each Swiss canton.

07.06.2023 | Press Release Goes Viral with AI-Post about Personified Car Brands

Zurich-based fintech goes viral internationally with an AI post featuring Switzerland's most popular car brands as animals. Published on 06.06.2023, the LinkedIn post now counts 3 million views, over 20,000 likes, over 1000 comments, and over 1000 shares (as of 13:45, 07.06.2023). The post was created through the clever use of ChatGPT and Midjourney.

19.04.2023 | Press Release

Fair Calculation of Future Car Prices - Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

As the new standard for leasing, the start-up is advancing the leasing industry by consistently developing innovative, consumer-focussed products. Now, together with Migros Bank, the fintech is introducing artificial intelligence that determines the future values of vehicles in Switzerland. This provides consumers with fair and transparent rates, allowing them to take financial control of their future on the road.

27.10.2022 | Press Release

No more opacity with leasing processes - Redefines the Standards of Car Leasing in Switzerland

The Swiss fintech is setting the new standard for leasing in Switzerland by creating innovative digital systems which facilitate complete price transparency - a novelty in the industry. Now, which is powered by Migros Bank, is also providing its streamlined service to Swiss Tesla customers on The interest rates currently offers on the Tesla Model Y, Switzerland’s most registered car this year so far, makes it more attractive than ever to switch to a vehicle produced by the electric vehicle pioneer.

25.04.2022 | Press Release

Maxime Chabloz - freeride champion, kitesurfing pro and new ambassador for, the largest online provider of cars at a monthly price, today announces its partnership with the young sports talent and 2022 Freeride World Champion Maxime Chabloz.

23.02.2022 | Press Release partners with Migrol to offer exclusive benefits to its customers

Today,, the largest online retailer of cars at monthly prices in Switzerland and Migrol announced their partnership. This partnership will allow all current and future customers to access exclusive discounts at Migrol petrol stations using their Migrolcard. The partnership comes as no surprise, as is invested by Migros Bank and leverages the Migros network since summer 2021.

26.01.2022 | Press Release teams up with Swiss Formula 1 driver, 3 times Le Mans winner and Formula E world champion Sébastien Buemi

Today, Switzerland’s biggest online shop for cars at a monthly price, announced that, from January 2022 and the start of the Formula E season, it is partnering with Swiss racing driver Sébastien Buemi.

24.12.2021 | Press Release

Swiss national media share’s positioning

Swiss national media share’s positioning in the competitive abo and leasing market. Results are speaking for themselves - All-in-one by saves you time AND money.

01.12.2021 | Press Release

Polestar Switzerland and enter into a strategic partnership

Today, Switzerland’s biggest online shop for cars at a monthly price, and Polestar the electric performance car brand owned by Volvo Car Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding have announced their partnership. This partnership makes Polestar the latest brand to join the car platform, and for sure one of the most innovative ones.

14.07.2021 | Press Release

Migros Bank and start a strategic partnership

Migros Bank becomes the financing partner of the largest online provider of car leasing and subscriptions in Switzerland. offers a complete online service, the costs are all inclusive and transparent. The company already provides thousands of used and new cars of all brands - with a growing share of e-cars and hybrid vehicles.

10.11.2020 | Press Release

Digital signature for leasing contract possible for the first time in Switzerland

Switzerland's largest car leasing platform and Intrum AG announce their partnership, making it possible for the first time in Switzerland to sign a car leasing contract digitally. This digital signature is recognised by FINMA and is therefore legally valid. Customers can now lease their new car on the platform at a transparent monthly fixed price without having to visit the dealer in person to sign the contract. In addition, the vehicle can be delivered directly to the customer's home on request - an offer that is being taken advantage of in times of the COVID 19 pandemic.

07.07.2020 | Press Release launches All-in-one: an innovative and hassle-free offer for 4'000 vehicles in Switzerland

The biggest online dealership in Switzerland has launched a new product “All-in-one” on their platform which now allows private and business customers to get any new or used car for one fixed flat fee with all costs included.

15.04.2020 | News celebrates Pride Month by updating its logo to the rainbow flag

This year, is proud to celebrate Pride month through flying the rainbow flag across the platform. Behind this initiative, Patrick Doyle, Head of Design at, shares his thoughts through this guest post.

20.03.2020 | Press Release waives brokerage fees to support dealers during the COVID-19 pandemic., the biggest online marketplace with the cheapest selection for car leasing in Switzerland, says that starting the 20th of March 2020, to support dealerships during COVID-19 pandemic, it will waive all dealer fees.

03.10.2019 | Press Release

Bâloise Holding invests in Zürich based startup

Baloise and create price transparency in car leasing and simplify the payment process.

12.03.2019 | Press Release

Innovative strategic partnership between cashgate and GOWAGO AG

GOWAGO AG is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with cashgate, one of Switzerland’s largest financial services companies and part of the Aduno Group.

04.03.2019 | News

Announcing our first video campaign: The Explorers!

Finding your next car is an adventure, but bring the right equipment or you’ll get lost.

06.02.2019 | Press Release

Strategic partnership between Baloise Group and GOWAGO AG

GOWAGO AG is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Basloise Group, one of Switzerland’s largest insurance company.

30.01.2019 | Press Release

Strategic partnership between TCS and GOWAGO AG

GOWAGO AG is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Touring Club Schweiz (TCS).

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