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10.11.2020 | Press Release

Digital signature for leasing contract possible for the first time in Switzerland

Switzerland's largest car leasing platform gowago.ch and Intrum AG announce their partnership, making it possible for the first time in Switzerland to sign a car leasing contract digitally. This digital signature is recognised by FINMA and is therefore legally valid. Customers can now lease their new car on the gowago.ch platform at a transparent monthly fixed price without having to visit the dealer in person to sign the contract. In addition, the vehicle can be delivered directly to the customer's home on request - an offer that is being taken advantage of in times of the COVID 19 pandemic.

07.07.2020 | Press Release

gowago.ch launches All-in-one: an innovative and hassle-free offer for 4'000 vehicles in Switzerland

The biggest online dealership in Switzerland gowago.ch has launched a new product “All-in-one” on their platform which now allows private and business customers to get any new or used car for one fixed flat fee with all costs included.

15.04.2020 | News

gowago.ch celebrates Pride Month by updating its logo to the rainbow flag

This year, gowago.ch is proud to celebrate Pride month through flying the rainbow flag across the platform. Behind this initiative, Patrick Doyle, Head of Design at gowago.ch, shares his thoughts through this guest post.

20.03.2020 | Press Release

gowago.ch waives brokerage fees to support dealers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

gowago.ch, the biggest online marketplace with the cheapest selection for car leasing in Switzerland, says that starting the 20th of March 2020, to support dealerships during COVID-19 pandemic, it will waive all dealer fees.

03.10.2019 | Press Release

Bâloise Holding invests in Zürich based startup gowago.ch

Baloise and gowago.ch create price transparency in car leasing and simplify the payment process.

12.03.2019 | Press Release

Innovative strategic partnership between cashgate and GOWAGO AG

GOWAGO AG is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with cashgate, one of Switzerland’s largest financial services companies and part of the Aduno Group.

04.03.2019 | News

Announcing our first video campaign: The Explorers!

Finding your next car is an adventure, but bring the right equipment or you’ll get lost.

06.02.2019 | Press Release

Strategic partnership between Baloise Group and GOWAGO AG

GOWAGO AG is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Basloise Group, one of Switzerland’s largest insurance company.

30.01.2019 | Press Release

Strategic partnership between TCS and GOWAGO AG

GOWAGO AG is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Basloise Group, one of Switzerland’s biggest mobility player.

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