gowago.ch launches All-in-one: an innovative and hassle-free offer for 4'000 vehicles in Switzerland

Zurich, July 2020 - The biggest online dealership in Switzerland gowago.ch has launched a new product “All-in-one” on their platform which now allows private and business customers to get any new or used car for one fixed flat fee with all costs included. The offering covers more than 4000 cars of all brands, while the flat fee covers the costs for lease, service, warranty, insurance, tyres and taxes . With All-in-one gowago.ch proposes a simple and transparent offering that is unprecedented in Switzerland. By a comparison using TCS data*, the monthly Total Cost of Ownership via gowago.ch is on average CHF 30 less than if the customer had arranged it on his own behalf.

Full-service leasing in itself has been in the automotive market for a while, but is usually only available to business customers and for new cars. In an effort to provide a new way of getting a car also to private customers, gowago.ch now proposes a Full service leasing on both new and used cars and on a selection of several thousands of vehicles in Switzerland, from all brands and models. The offering is transparent, simple and processed 100% online.

Total Cost of Ownership covered
The new product, righteously named All-in-one covers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which is the ubiquitous topic of the automotive industry. To get a transparent, complete offer on their costs, current car buyers will take hours to get offers, visiting platforms, negotiating with dealers, insurances and other parties to get to the final price of owning a specific car. Cars on gowago.ch are all available at a specific flat rate, with a transparent breakdown to allow customers to know exactly what they will pay per month whilst never receiving surprise service or tyre bills. To have their car serviced, customers can commission any branded garage in Switzerland while the dense network of 100 tyre partners in Switzerland ensures that customers will be able to commission a partner nearby.

“ We have created gowago.ch so that customers can easily find their car at a monthly payment that fits their lifestyle. Customers can circumvent endless dealer visits, having to contact multiple dealers and ending up with surprise fees along the way. We make sure they have full freedom and a complete and fair cost overview so they never pay too much or receive an unexpected bill” comments gowago.ch CEO and Co-Founder Rutger Verhoef.

Transparency is key
Customer experience is at the heart of any business that wants to be successful, and online businesses are no exception. Majority of customers are reportedly not comfortable with the current car buying journey. The main reasons are that the prices of cars and mandatory expenses to get on the road are rarely transparent, and that it takes customers too much time and energy to visit dealerships. In contrast, the customer journey on gowago.ch is 100% online with an end-to-end customer experience and offering professional support with a team of advisors. It aims to turn what previously was a burdensome event into a fun, easy and transparent customer experience.

Monthly Total Cost of Ownership via gowago.ch is on average CHF 30 less
gowago.ch delivers added customer value by leveraging on economies of scale. By negotiating on behalf of the customer and by bundling the costs, gowago.ch is able to reduce the total cost, true to their mission: “become the most affordable way to drive”. Confirmed by a comparison using TCS data*, the monthly Total Cost of Ownership via gowago.ch is on average CHF 30 less than if the customer had arranged it on his own behalf, and that with zero upfront costs. The dealer also plays an important role in the success of gowago.ch. They currently partner with approximately 200 dealers across Switzerland and this network is growing fast.

  • Study conducted by gowago.ch with internal data with TCS, a gowago.ch partner. An example can be found here. On request, data can be shared with agreement of gowago.ch and its partner TCS. https://gowago.ch/de/all-in-one
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