Baloise Holding invests in Zürich based startup

Baloise and create price transparency in car leasing and simplify the payment process

Basel, 03.10.2019 | Baloise is continuing to expand its Mobility ecosystem by investing in The Zurich-based startup has developed the next generation of car leasing platforms, enabling customers to lease used cars easily, transparently and cost-effectively from the comfort of their own home.

The platform’s current range features 10,000 cars. More than 1,000 customers have already opted for over the past year and half. The major novelty offered to customers by this cooperation with Baloise is that all vehicle costs incurred, from transaction tax right through to car insurance, can now be transacted together with the monthly leasing instalment via, the first independent Swiss-wide full-service leasing platform for used cars.

Find your car in just a few clicks

The aim of is to make buying a car as easy as possible, and to make unpleasant negotiations and visits to countless dealers a thing of the past. Nowadays, negotiating a lease agreement is a tiresome process. As well as the usual obstacles to finding the right car, customers must also go through complicated calculations, request multiple quotes – which can sometimes take several days – compare these, and generally undergo a largely non-transparent process. This is changing with, offering customers a simple and fast way of finding their next car through the use of its platform. On the online platform the customer can see a rough estimation of all the costs at first glance. In collaboration with Baloise, is making life easier for customers. With the first independent Swiss-wide full-service leasing platform for used cars, all costs payable can be incorporated directly and transparently in the leasing fee via the platform. All components of the lease payment from insurance, the costs of maintenance and repair right through to tyres and transaction tax are included in the full-service agreement – that includes a warranty too. This gives the customer one hundred per cent predictability when it comes to the monthly costs for their vehicle. The customer does not need to worry about these individual components, but pays just one bill to instead.

Wolfgang Prasser, member of the Executive Committee at Baloise in Switzerland and Head of Product Management Private Customers says: “The aim of this partnership is the joint development of the first independent Swiss-wide full-service leasing platform for used cars, which will allow us to offer our customers thoroughly plannable cost transparency. The monthly amount payable can be individually adapted to personal requirements by means of a down payment or flexible mileages and terms. Since this is based on a classic leasing agreement there is also the option of purchasing the vehicle at the end of the contractual term.”

A huge selection

The startup is already collaborating with several leasing companies which provide platform users with a huge selection of almost 10,000 new and used cars from across Switzerland. There are some very attractive offers in the used car range in particular. wants to show customers that they can get a great car with low mileage at an affordable and attractive rate through leasing.
Co-founder and CEO Rutger Verhoef says: “The company is perfectly positioned as a sales market for manufacturers, dealers and leasing companies, offering customers new and better opportunities for vehicle ownership. We’re delighted to have such a strong, innovative partner join our mission. Together we will change the Swiss automotive market.”

About was founded in Zurich in 2017 by Leo Chevailler, Iwan Gloor and Rutger Verhoef. The startup offers straightforward, fast and comprehensive comparison of a variety of car leasing offers throughout Switzerland via its online platform.

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