Trade-in your car

Trade-in your car

Trading in your current car is a great way to help pay for your next one whilst lowering your monthly payments.

Trading in your car with is easy and fair. We've partnered with TCS in order to have a fair valuation for your car.

How does Trade-in work?

Step 1

Get a free quote

Answer a few questions about your car and we will prepare a free trade in price estimate

Step 2

Car tested by TCS

Bring your car to any of TCS's 16 locations for an unbiased trade-in check and we will send you a final offer

Step 3

Get paid

Sign the final offer online, drop your car at a TCS location and get paid a fair price

Send a Trade-in request

We need some information about your car to prepare a trade-in price estimate. You’ll get a reply within 24 business hours once you send your request.

Partnered with
Migros Bank
Touring Club Schweiz
Fleet Service
The granting of credit is not allowed if it results in over-indebtedness of the consumer.
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