gowago.ch waives brokerage fees to support dealers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zürich, 23rd March 2020 - gowago.ch, the biggest online marketplace with the cheapest selection for car leasing in Switzerland, says that starting the 20th of March 2020, it will waive all sales commissions for sales as COVID-19 continues to spread and causes cities to shutter all non-essential businesses. gowago.ch said it will commit to waive dealer fees for all customers requesting a leasing on their platform before the 19th of April. Update: the waive of fees will be prolonged until 26th of April, which is the end of Phase 1 decided by the federal Concil. Depending on the future decisions of the Federal Office, the waiving of fees may be extended until showrooms are permitted to reopen and will be reassessed in further communication.

Garages throughout Switzerland are facing an economic crisis due to the strengthening of Federal government measures to close non-essential businesses in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). As a result, all showrooms across Switzerland must be shut down until the 19th of April. Workshops are permitted to remain open. Update: the waive of fees will be prolonged until 26th of April, which is the end of Phase 1 decided by the federal Concil.

In response to these measures, gowago.ch is waiving their commission fees – 1% out of new cars, 2% out of used cars – to allow dealerships to continue selling car leases online.

For the dealer, subscribing to the platform remains free, and the dealership can start selling their cars on the platform in only a couple of hours without any effort. Dealers can start getting leads to fuel their pipeline with ready-to-lease car shoppers. gowago.ch takes care of all sales and marketing.

A growing demand for cars - as the public transports are advised against by the government, the demand for individual transportations has risen in the past days. gowago.ch understands as well the consumer side of the COVID-19 impact on mobility and limited purchasing power during the crisis. That is why gowago.ch proposes their customer a 14-day car back guarantee according to the swiss Kreditkonsumgesetz as well as their All-in-one product, which brings everything you need to get on the road for the cheapest monthly price.

Rutger Verhoef, CEO of gowago.ch:
“Our business is fortunately adapted to the current challenging situation the Swiss automotive market is facing as we act as an online salesman for dealers. We have dramatically ramped-up our operations to face the expected demand and thanks to our fully digitized process, we can support dealerships as their online portal and avoid a discontinuity of business.

We believe that gowago.ch together with dealers and the combination of online sales and home deliveries are able to provide a feasible solution for consumers.”

As more people stay home, local garages need business more than ever. That’s why we’re waiving the fees for dealers to expose their showroom online.”

About gowago.ch:
gowago.ch is an e-commerce platform that partners with dealers to help customers find, shop and get a car for a monthly payment. gowago.ch can be seen as a large online dealership that works with dealers which has taken the car customer journey into the 21st century. With over 9000 cars available it has never been so easy to get your dream car with the payment plan that fits your lifestyle.

Contacts gowago.ch:
For further information, you can contact gowago.ch at media@gowago.ch

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