Swiss national media share’s positioning in the competitive abo and leasing market. Results are speaking for themselves - All-in-one by saves you time AND money.

Kassensturz gowago

ZURICH - December 24th 2021 - This month, two independent consumer press analysed the products of vs similar products in Switzerland. This is not only a win for thanks to the good results, but also a win for transparent information and pricing for consumers looking to get a car in Switzerland.

In both comparisons, you can see that is one of the best pricing on the market, thanks to the All-in-one package that includes the car, insurances, services, tyres, taxes, warranty and the motorway vignette.
By bundling all these products and bulk purchasing, final consumers afford a mobility pack cheaper than if they were getting all of these services individually.

Kassensturz from SRF on 14.12.21 compared different Abo companies to the costs of traditional leasing or even conventional car buying.
All-in-one leasing by comes out cheaper than traditional leasing.
On top of being cost-efficient on new cars, All-in-one by is also available on second hand cars, that are even cheaper than this example. As all the costs are covered, there is no surprise linked to getting a car from the occasion market.

K-Geld’s article goes more in depth into the split of costs from car and services. In their article, they use TCS data to calculate the price of all services linked to different models, and is cheaper in most of the cases. If you choose to get a leasing for a Tesla, you will discover that the best way to go is gowago!

The main conclusion to be taken from these two articles is that when looking for a car In Switzerland, for leasing or abo, the most important thing is to compare and understand the different offerings from each provider. If you have any question about All-in-one and how it helps you save time and money, get in touch with us by writing at

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