No More Opacity with Leasing Processes - Redefines the Standards of Car Leasing in Switzerland

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ZURICH, October 27th 2022. The Swiss fintech is setting the new standard for leasing in Switzerland by creating innovative digital systems which facilitate complete price transparency - a novelty in the industry. Now, which is powered by Migros Bank, is also providing its streamlined service to Swiss Tesla customers on The interest rates currently offers on the Tesla Model Y, Switzerland’s most registered car this year so far, makes it more attractive than ever to switch to a vehicle produced by the electric vehicle pioneer.

On time for its 5th year in operation, the rapidly growing fintech company is expanding in the field of e-mobility leasing offers. promises consumers smooth processes, affordable rates and customer-oriented services on their journey to getting a car. In the current economic climate, with rising prices and interest rates due to increasing inflation around the globe, Swiss Tesla customers are now being offered the competitively low interest rate of 0.99% when ordering a Tesla Model Y through a leasing offer on

The automotive market in Switzerland is increasingly turning towards EVs, evidenced by a growing market share that currently stands at 16.3%. Expanding its services in the field of e-mobility leasing therefore was a logical step for the Swiss fintech company: “We are enthusiastic about providing our services and this great offer to new Tesla customers on Our vision has always been to bring the best mobility products to the Swiss market and to bring a new standard to the automotive industry. This is just the beginning, and we are excited to grow even further”, explains Rutger Verhoef, CEO and co-founder of

Founded in 2017 in Zürich and powered by Migros Bank and Baloise, is a Fintech company that provides car leasing solutions to Swiss drivers. Our proprietary technology allows users to compare, choose, and order directly online, without requesting quotes, from more than 5000 cars - all brands, all models, new and used. With All-in-one, customers can build custom service packages to save time, money, and control their costs on the road. Our products can be found on our website, at certified dealerships, or directly at your favourite brand’s website. A unique, effortless, customer-centric car buying journey brought together in an intuitive, beautifully designed website and supported by a dedicated team of advisors.

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