gowago.ch partners with Migrol to offer exclusive benefits to its customers


ZÜRICH, 26 February 2022 - Today, gowago.ch, the largest online retailer of cars at monthly prices in Switzerland and Migrol announced their partnership. This partnership will allow all current and future gowago.ch customers to access exclusive discounts at Migrol petrol stations using their Migrolcard. The partnership comes as no surprise, as gowago.ch is invested by Migros Bank and leverages the Migros network since summer 2021.

The timing couldn't be better. With petrol prices currently very high, this offer is even more attractive for gowago.ch's clientele. The partnership between Migrol and gowago.ch brings several benefits. Every person in possession of a Migrolcard from gowago.ch benefits from a 5 centime discount and one Cumulus point per liter of fuel. There is also a 10% discount at all Migrol car washes. The card is free of charge and valid at all Migrol stations and Shell petrol stations with migrolino or mio shop in Switzerland.

Rutger Verhoef, CEO of gowago.ch said: "Our vision is to create a better customer experience in the Swiss market. A fair, simple and transparent experience that avoids hassles and unexpected costs. With Migrol, we are offering our clientele a more affordable way to fill up their tanks, leveraging the enormous reach of our investors' products. We'll be signing many more partnerships like this in the future."

The fast-growing start-up will continue to work on securing the best possible service and exclusive offers for its customers. This partnership is another step towards customer convenience and satisfaction. By constantly innovating, improving and signing new partnerships, gowago.ch continues to secure its title as the largest online provider of all-inclusive car leasing in Switzerland.

About Migrol
Migrol AG is part of the Migros Group. Since its foundation in 1954, Migrol has played a leading and formative role in the Swiss energy industry. With a great spirit of innovation, Migrol has achieved a leading position.

About gowago.ch
gowago.ch offers a new way to get a car in Switzerland: simpler, easier and more fair. With an online, end-to-end customer journey, gowago.ch removes complex administrative processes and brings people an easy way to get a car for a monthly payment with everything included. Its promise: any car, one monthly price, zero hidden costs.
gowago.ch is headquartered in Zürich, founded in 2017 and invested in by the Baloise group and Migros Bank.

For more information, please contact gowago.ch at media@gowago.ch.

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