Announcing our first video campaign: The Explorers!

Finding your next car is an adventure, but bring the right equipment or you’ll get lost. videos

Our latest advertising campaign, named The Explorers, captures the emotion and turmoil of discovering your next car.

Anyone who has attempted to purchase a car can understand the pain and frustration three of our four explorers represent when searching for their next cars. Overwhelmed, drowning, lost, and navigating with difficulty through an immense amount of car models, technical information, and prices to find the right car at the right price. Looking for a new car can become a real adventure, but without the right tools you may get lost and end up making a choice you're not comfortable with. is here to help navigate you through the adventure of discovering your next car for a monthly payment.

Plus, the team had a lot of fun making a big mess pelting the actors with flyers and toy cars.

The pilot

The sailor

The diver

The mountaineer


Special thanks to all the people that made this campaign a dream to work on:

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