Strategic partnership between Baloise Group and GOWAGO AG

GOWAGO AG is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Basloise Group, one of Switzerland’s largest insurance company.

Zürich, 06.02.2019 | Baloise Group and GOWAGO AG are proud to announce we have just closed a strategic partnership. GOWAGO AG will integrate the insurance products of Baloise so that getting a car plus an insurance will become effortless and transparent.

About the partnership is focused on digitizing the journey of getting a car and insurances are a key aspect of it. As one of the leading insurance companies in Switzerland, Baloise Group will be one of the insurance companies delivering innovative products to the GOWAGO AG customer base. In the future, we look forward to integrating insurances further in the journey to make it even easier for customers to get a car for a monthly payment.

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Touring Club Schweiz
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