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Our leasing is easy, transparent and completely online.

Thanks to our partnership with Migros Bank, we are able to provide thousands of used and new cars of all brands, while assuring the flexibility of a lease that’s tailored to your needs.

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100% digital process assured by a dedicated advisor. Sign digitally, from the comfort of your sofa. Or if you prefer in any Migros Bank Branch.

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Define your terms and access exclusive savings by combining your lease with an All-in-one package.

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No back and forth. Choose your car and configure the lease. The price you see is the price you get.

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About Leasing

Increasingly, more people are interested in leasing in Switzerland. About half of the new cars in Switzerland are leased, and this number is growing. So why is this number growing and why do people lease? Let's have a closer look!

The advantages of leasing

Flexibility to change car

Leasing a car means you always get to drive around in a sweet new ride.

Budget your expenses better

Having a budget will help you achieve your goals and prevent expenses from getting out of hand.

Few upfront costs

Leasing allows you to get into a car with very few “upfront” costs. With gowago.ch you can lease a car with 0 upfront cost.

Driving of the future

No investment losses. By paying a monthly fee, you decide how to invest your money.

How to lease with Migros Bank

Thanks to gowago.ch and Migros Bank, finding a leasing is as easy as child’s play. Discover the fast and easy way to lease the car of your dreams.

Step 1

Find your car

Choose the car of your dreams and build a lease that suits your needs.

gowago.ch offer the largest selection of new and used cars ready to drive at monthly prices in Switzerland. So you are sure to find the right deal for you. Once you have found a car that you like, you can choose the conditions that fit your needs.

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Step 2

Leasing application

Check your eligibility and apply online.

Apply from the comfort of your own home. A dedicated gowago.ch Advisor will work with you throughout the leasing application. Thanks to our partner Migros Bank, the process will be easy, and your data will be treated confidentially.

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Step 3

Sign the contract

Sign the leasing contract and hit the road.

Once your application has been verified, you will receive a contract, which you can sign completely digitally. Your leasing contract is provided by Migros Bank, where gowago.ch is the bank's representative for all questions, communications, and contacts.

Step 4

Return or potentially purchase

Give the car back or apply to keep it at the end of the leasing contract.

When the lease has ended you can simply return your vehicle or request for a pick up. Otherwise you can also request an extension of the lease or ask for an option to purchase the vehicle.

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Frequently asked questions

Leasing is fixed and generally cannot be changed during it's duration. If you have a question about a leasing contract you have received, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your questions.

Migros Bank owns the car for the duration of the lease. However, at the end of the lease you have the opportunity to become the owner of the car by paying the residual value of the car. Make sure to let your gowago.ch advisor in advance in case you want to buy the car at the end of your lease.

Your mileage will be determined at the beginning of your lease.
You pay extra per kilometre if you exceed the total number of kilometres over your lease period. If you buy the car after lease, we waive the extra mileage fees. If you have an All-in-one package, you also pay extra for servicing and tyre changes that happen after you exceed the allowance.

When you first visit gowago.ch, the monthly prices are set to 48 months, with a 15% down payment, and 10'000 km/year. You can use our calculator to change the contract duration, annual mileage and down payment, to get your desired monthly price. The price we display is the prices you'll get and they are exclusive gowago.ch prices.

You can request an offer to purchase the car at the end of your lease for the residual value. The residual value is the amount of how much the car will be worth when your lease ends.

Contact us at sales@gowago.ch

Your lease is financed by Migros Bank. gowago.ch will process everything you need to lease your car in a easy and transparent way.

Still have a question? Try the FAQ or contact our support team at sales@gowago.ch or +41 44 461 13 44

What our customers are saying

Guta R.

Procédure très simple et personnel très accommodant. Tout à fait recommandable.

Alexandre T.

Très bon service du début a la fin du process, disponible, agréable et très arrangeant, ils mettent tout en œuvre pour vous arranger et que tout se passe bien!

Fabrice B.

Tout à fait satisfait des services gowago et je n´hésiterai pas à refaire appel à eux pour un prochain véhicule 👍

Dennis T.

Très bon service, l'ensemble du processus est très simple et la communication est également excellente. Personnel très amical et attentif. Je l'ai recommandé à mes amis.

v Ber

Hautement recommandé pour ceux qui cherchent la simplicité et des prix résonnables pour le leasing de voiture ! Rapide, efficace et professionnel ! Très satisfait de leur travail.

Daniel F.

Service rapide et efficace, les conseillers ont constamment répondu à toutes mes questions avec beaucoup de sympathie et professionnalisme. Le délai de livraison a été respecté avec même une semaine d’avance. Je suis pleinement satisfait de leur service.

Severin F.

Une transaction rapide et facile. Tout la transaction s'effectue en ligne. Des échanges simples et pragmatiques avec un conseiller dédié.

Jukka d.L.

Grand choix de véhicules. Ils ont répondu à toutes mes questions et m'ont aidé dans ma recherche du véhicule adéquat et adapté.

Teko F.

Service impeccable, mon conseiller est super sympa et gentil. C’est la Grande classe , pas de mots 10 sur 10. Je vous conseille Gowago.

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