Polestar Switzerland and gowago.ch enter into a strategic partnership

Polestar und gowago.ch

ZURICH - December 1st 2021 - Today gowago.ch, Switzerland’s biggest online shop for cars at a monthly price, and Polestar the electric performance car brand owned by Volvo Car Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding have announced their partnership. This partnership makes Polestar the latest brand to join the car platform, and for sure one of the most innovative ones.

The electric car market is breaking record after record in Switzerland and currently accounts for 11.6% of new car registrations, yet it still brings challenges for customers. With technology moving at a rapid pace, it is uncertain for customers paying cash to forecast the future value of their car. This is where gowago.ch comes in, the platform allows customers to get all-inclusive leasing from 24 to60 months, bringing the ultimate level of convenience and financial security to the customer as you always only pay your monthly fix price, and you can return or buy the car at any time.

Gowago.ch is continuing to grow strong over the past months and in June of this year received another boost when Migros Bank decided to become their financial partner. This has tremendously strengthened the company and allowed the startup to improve their all-in-one leasing product further. Polestar will now be added to the line-up and customers from all over Switzerland can choose to get any Polestar for unbeatable prices on the gowago.ch platform.

Rutger Verhoef, CEO and co-founder of gowago.ch comments on the partnership “we are very excited to make this partnership public as it brings us one step closer to our goal of becoming Switzerland’s best way to get your mobility. With adding Polestar, we add a beautiful, innovative brand and are able to bring it in an easy, affordable and convenient way to our clients ”.

Sebastian Schnyder, Head of Sales and Operations and Polestar Switzerland comments “We are excited to partner with gowago.ch and offer our electric performance cars through this innovative and easy to use platform to new customers across Switzerland. With this partnership, we further strengthen our commitment to our online only sales business model.”

About gowago.ch

gowago.ch offers a new way to get a car in Switzerland: simpler, easier and more fair. With an online, end-to-end customer journey, gowago.ch removes complex administrative processes and brings people an easy way to get a car for a monthly payment with everything included. Its promise: any car, one monthly price, zero hidden costs.
gowago.ch is headquartered in Zürich, founded in 2017 and invested in by the Baloise group and Migros Bank.

About Polestar

Polestar was established as a new, standalone Swedish premium electric vehicle manufacturer in 2017. The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and its vehicles are currently available and on the road in 14 global markets across Europe, North America and China. Polestar's Swiss headquarters are located in Zurich. The electric performance car brand can be physically experienced in the temporary Polestar Spaces in Zurich and Geneva. The final Polestar Spaces in Zurich and Geneva will open in early 2022.

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