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Make a claim, road assistance, learn what's covered by insurance, and where to find your insurance number


Submit a tax bill, learn which taxes are covered, and how to receive your free vignette


When to service your car, where your car can be serviced, and find a partner garage

Extended warranty

What's covered by the extended warranty, arrange a repair, find a partner garage

Tyres, changes and storage

Book a tyre change, when to change your tyres, who stores your spare tyres

All-in-one card and payments

How to pay for All-in-one, What's on your card, and what to do if you lose it

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All prices and car imagery are for illustrative purposes, and may differ from the prices and vehicle models offered by sellers. GOWAGO AG provides a service that connect you with automotive sellers. GOWAGO AG is not responsible for the securing of vehicles. GOWAGO AG does not issue credit; all leasing arrangements are between your and the seller. VAT is included in these prices (subject to price, interest and tax rate changes). The granting of credit is not allowed if it results in over-indebtedness of the consumer.