Every car needs routine servicing and maintenance to ensure it’s running smoothly and safely.

If servicing and maintenance is included in your All-in-one package, your car can be serviced at any of the official manufacturer's garages for your make of car in Switzerland. When it’s time to get your car serviced, you simply drive up or book an appointment with the garage, and present them with your All-in-one card.

A short introduction to servicing

All the necessary maintenance, repairs and wear-related work carried out are included, in accordance with the manufacturer's service guidelines.

What’s included?

All the maintenance required by the vehicle manufacturer or importer, such as oil changes, servicing etc., and all repairs resulting from wear, for example to the clutch, exhaust, brakes, gearbox, engine. The cost of most spare parts, such as fuses, bulbs, wiper blades etc., are also covered.

Where to service my car

Servicing must be done in an official dealership or garage of the brand of your car, or by one of our partner garages.

Maintenance, repairs and wear-related work that go beyond the requirements of the manufacturer or importer may only be carried out with the consent of

Looking after your car

Whilst you own the car, you’re responsible for making sure it stays healthy. That means following the manufacturer’s instructions on when to arrange a service for the car, checking the oil and fluids, etc. and that maintenance is carried out on schedule when necessary. Failing to do so, may result in the loss of any guarantee, warranty claims, and you may be charged for additional maintenance caused by delaying your service.

Make sure you check that all service and maintenance has been properly carried out and if this is not the case, inform the dealership that carried out the work immediately.

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