All-in-one card and payments

Your All-in-one card is the key to the inclusions that come with in your All-in-one package.

Depending on the All-in-one package that you chose, some services are included and others are not. The card may not include a full list of what's included in your package, and is only by our partners.

We recommend keeping your All-in-one card in your car, alongside the insurance documents and car handbook, so you’ll always know where to find it when you need it.

A short introduction to your All-in-one card

Your All-in-one is unique to you and your car. On the front of the card you’ll find your name, information that identifies your car, your All-in-one contract number (AIO) and information for our partners to use.
The All-in-one customer service number can always be found on the front of your card when you need us, including 24-hour emergency support in the event of a breakdown or accident.

When to use your All-in-one card

Show your All-in-one card to a partner whenever you need to use one of your All-in-one inclusions, such as when changing your tyres or undergoing routine maintenance. You’ll also be asked to provide your All-in-one contract number (found on your card as AIO) for online services such as when submitting a tax bill.

More information about How and when to use the All-in-one card

Paying for All-in-one

An invoice is emailed to you every month to pay for the following month’s subscription. As your All-in-one subscription is a fixed monthly price, we recommend setting up a standing order with your bank so it’s one less thing to think about.

More information about paying for All-in-one

Frequently asked questions

Why are some of the inclusions on the front of my All-in-one card unchecked?

On the front of your card you’ll find a list of inclusions such as ‘Service/Unterhalt’ and ‘Garantie’. This is for use by our partner garages when your car is being serviced, having tyres changed, or undergoing maintenance.

Every All-in-one subscription comes with an insurance policy, extended warranty, extra tyres and changes, vehicle tax, and servicing, even if they’re unchecked on your card. The check boxes just inform our partners who to contact.

I’ve lost my All-in-one card, what do I do?

Please contact our All-in-one customer service team at +41 44 505 11 18 or so we can send you a replacement.

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