Leasing by Migros Bank

Your leasing contract is provided by Migros Bank, where Gowago is the bank's representative for all questions, communications and contacts.

You can contact us directly:

+41 44 505 11 18

A short introduction to your leasing

Your leasing contract is provided by Migros Bank and Gowago is the representative of Migros Bank.

Duration and mileage

Part of your leasing contract is the duration and mileage. This determines the amount of kilometers that are included in your contract and the duration of it. If you drive more kilometers than the stipulated in the contract there will be an additional fee per kilometer. You can find this fee in your contract, or you can contact All-in-one customer service, and we will provide you with the information.


Payment shall be made monthly in advance, no later than the first day of each month.

Use and maintenance of the vehicle

You will be responsible to use the vehicle carefully, properly and in accordance with the manufacturer's or supplier's instructions. You are also responsible for maintaining, servicing and, if necessary, repairs. All costs will be covered by your All-in-one contract.

End of the lease

You have to return the car including all the accessories at the end of the contract at a TCS location after arranging the return with All-in-one customer service. If you would like to keep the car after the lease, please contact All-in-one customer service as soon as possible.
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