About your insurance policy

These terms and conditions are applicable for contract signed after June 9th, 2021

This guide is a short summary of your insurance policy, a full details of the insurance cover and its restrictions can be found in the Insurance General Terms and Conditions.

Your exact insurance cover and individual details, such as the agreed sum insured, can be found in the insurance policy mailed to you by Baloise Insurance.

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Your insurance policy

Period of validity and geographical scope

You’re covered for your entire All-in-one contract. The insurance cover will start the day you pick up the car and will end the day you return your car at the end of the lease. If you want to extend your coverage because you’ll renew the lease or buy the car, please contact customer service.

The insurance covers loss or damage that was caused during the term of the policy. The insurance cover is valid in Europe and the Mediterranean littoral countries, excluding Kosovo, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. If the vehicle is transported by sea, then the insurance cover remains in effect provided the departure and destination points are both within this territory.

What’s included in your insurance policy

Third-party liability insurance

This insurance covers personal injury or damages caused with your car by you or a person you’re responsible for.

Third-party liability insurance also covers the costs of justly asserted claims and of defence against unjustly asserted liability claims.

  • 0 CHF deductible
  • Insured amount: CHF 100 million

Partial cover

Partial casco insurance covers damages to your car that you have not caused yourself.

This includes damage caused by fire, natural hazards, vandalism, glass breakage, marten bites, collisions with animals and theft.

  • CHF 0 deductible for repairs at any garage recommended by Baloise.
  • CHF 300 deductible for repairs at non-partner garages.

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Collision insurance (full casco)

Full casco insurance is the combination of partial casco and collision insurance.

Collision insurance pays for damage to your car that you have caused yourself such as accidental scratches to the car body or damage from an impact.

Full casco insurance (partial cover + collision insurance) must be taken out when leasing a car in Switzerland.

  • CHF 700 deductible for repairs at any garage recommended by Baloise or official brand garage.
  • CHF 1000 deductible for repairs at non-partner garages.

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Breakdown assistance

You’re covered in the event that your car breaks down.

This includes the cost of on-site breakdown assistance, the towing of the car to the nearest garage, return travel to your home or overnight accommodation for all occupants if you are not able to return. If you have to continue your journey, the costs are covered to a certain extent.
The cover also includes return transport of the car after a breakdown, accident, or theft.

Using your insurance services

You can contact All-in-one customer service via phone, email or via an online form. You’ll be asked to provide your All-in-one customer number that can be found on your All-in-one card or your contract. If you don’t have access to it you will be able to be identified by providing your full name or the licence plate number for the car covered by your All-in-one package.

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