Fully comprehensive insurance for leasing: What you need to know

It is compulsory to have full casco insurance when you lease a car in Switzerland.
11th October 2021

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Full casco insurance combines multiple insurances to create a comprehensive car insurance package.

With comprehensive car insurance, you and your car are covered in the event of damage caused by a collision, natural hazard, a malicious incident, theft, and other unfortunate events.

Collision insurance covers any personal injury and property damage caused by your car.

Full casco insurance is included in all the prices you find on In the event of a breakdown, on-site breakdown assistance, towing, onward transport, and overnight accommodation are included in our All-in-one package, as well as the return of your car after an accident, breakdown, or theft.

The price of full casco insurance varies heavily depending on the car you are driving, your age, and your gender.

A typical full casco insurance package from leading insurance providers looks like this:
fullcasco EN NEW-01


  • Škoda Octavia 1.5 TSI G-Tec Style Kombi - 5 doors - 130 HP - M-automat - 38460 Fr.
  • BMW X3 xDrive 30e Kombi - 5 Doors - 184 HP — A-Sequent — 68200 Fr.
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range Kombi - 4 doors - 351 HP - Direkt - 62000 Fr.

For each car, we used the following parameters:

  • Location: Zürich
  • Year of registration and purchase: 2021
  • Kilometres/year: 10’000
  • Purpose of use: Private
  • Country of citizenship: Switzerland
  • Gender: Female/Male

As you can see, 20-year-old men must pay about CHF 100 more than 20-year-old women because they are more often involved in accidents compared to women.

In the groups of 35- and 50-year-olds, the price differences are minimal – between CHF 1 and CHF 10 — but in both cases prices are higher for women. Only the price of insurance for a Škoda Octavia for 35- and 50-year-old men is higher.

Additionally, insurance for the Tesla Model Y is the most expensive on the current list, as the more horsepower the car has, the more expensive it is to insure.

At, we offer full casco insurance for any car of your choice at fair prices.

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