10 new and used cars for less than 500 CHF / month all inclusive

3rd August 2020

Are you looking for a practical new or used car for your daily trips into the city and your getaways ? Then you can get a modern city car for less than CHF 500 per month all inclusive, offered as part of the All-in-one package.

What is the All-in-one package?

All-in-one by is the easiest way to get a car in Switzerland. All our prices include insurance, taxes, maintenance, tires and an extended warranty in one monthly payment, for you to save both time and money.

In this selection you will find 10 models that fit your needs

Fiat 500

Fiat 500
With its soft curves and glamorous design, the Fiat 500 is one of the iconic city cars of the 21st century. The interior of this little jewel reflects as much delicacy as the exterior, with a touch of modernity. The interior has pure lines and a very simple appearance, enhanced by the presence of the Uconnect 7-inch HD screen. The Fiat 500 is equipped with the Apple CarPlay system, which makes the driver's journey considerably easier and guarantees the safety of all the vehicle's occupants. The device allows the driver to access the basic functions of his smartphone, such as making and receiving calls and messages, listening to music and information, as well as a number of other practical applications such as navigation, all while keeping his eyes in the field of vision and his hands on the steering wheel.
All these benefits are available on a new Fiat 500 or a used Fiat 500 leased for less than CHF 500 per month.

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VW Polo

vw polo
You always had a thing for VW Polo? Now you have the opportunity to acquire the latest generation of the new VW Polo or a second-hand VW Polo for less than CHF 500 per month and enjoy its many advantages at your leisure.
You have surely been seduced by the sporty and charismatic look of the VW Polo from the very first glance. Wait until you see the comfortable and spacious interior. The panoramic sunroof makes it easy for the occupants to drive for miles in all seasons. On the driver's side, the configuration is more neat and accommodating, to name but a few, with the integration of various driver assistance systems and safety features. For example, the latest VW Polo is equipped with Front Assist, which identifies the slightest obstacle and activates emergency braking in the event of late reaction by the driver, ACC cruise control, which is indispensable in heavy traffic, fatigue sensor, Park Assist parking assistance and Blind Spot Detection.

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Mitsubishi Space Star

Mitsubishi space star
Get a new or used Mitsubishi Space Star for less than CHF 500 per month by leasing on the platform. With its smooth and athletic look, the Mitsubishi Space Star is the perfect embodiment of the versatile city dweller of modern times. Not to mention an interior that is as comfortable as it is refined, and features the latest technology in connectivity and driving assistance to best accommodate the driver and provide optimum safety for passengers. The Mitsubishi is equipped with the Start-off Assist system and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity devices, which offer unexpected possibilities that contribute to enhancing the driving experience.

Discover our latest Mitsubishi Space Star models.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10
Take advantage of the space available in this small five-door city car to take your family or friends on a tour of the city or a trip to the country. Its sleek and muscular appearance, hides an interior that combines convenience and modernity. When it comes to driving, the Hyundai i10 stands out for its agility, which makes it the ultimate city car, and for its state-of-the-art equipment. The small car is equipped with the Hyundai Smart Sense Driver Assistance System, the smartphone connectivity system and an 8-inch touch screen multimedia display.
Don't hesitate to browse through the selection of new and used Hyundai i10s presented on the platform. You'll find what you're looking for.

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Peugeot 108

Peugeot 108
Ultra compact and very dynamic, the Peugeot 108 has been specially designed to adapt to traffic in urban areas. This city car has nothing to envy to other vehicles in its class in terms of aesthetics. The Peugeot 108 has even more character, with its feline look and sleek lines. The interior is no less singular. The upholstery is as comfortable as it is elegant. The passenger compartment is enhanced by the latest technological equipment, in particular the Mirror Screen touch screen. In addition, the Peugeot 108 offers proven power and manoeuvrability. Its driver also benefits from various driving aids, including the Hands-Free Access & Start (ADML) device which enables the doors to be locked and unlocked and the car to be started without using the key and the Active City Brake emergency braking system.
Choose a new Peugeot 108 or a used Peugeot 108 on the platform to benefit from the offer at less than CHF 500 per month in leasing.

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Dacia Sandero

Dacia sandero
You can buy a new Dacia Sandero or a latest-generation Dacia Sandero for less than CHF 500 per month on the platform. This modern car combines the characteristics of a city car and a crossover, with an exterior design that is both elegant and athletic, a spacious (5 real seats) and very comfortable interior and equipment that best accommodates the driver both for city and highway driving. Depending on your needs and habits, you can opt for a new Dacia Sandero or a pre-owned Dacia Sandero equipped with Hill Start Assist, Park Assist or the on-board computer. On the practical side, you also have a choice of models with 12-volt sockets for charging smartphones, air conditioning that adapts to your needs and many other options.

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Hyundai i20

hyundai i20
Are you hesitating between a very compact and agile city car and a spacious and practical sedan for the whole family? A new Hyundai i20 or a used Hyundai i20 available for less than 500 CHF per month on the platform represents the best compromise between these different types of cars. Ranked in the versatile city car category, the Hyundai i20 stands out with its sleek, racy look. The interior envelops the occupants in a muffled, chic and contemporary ambience providing unparalleled comfort for both passengers and driver. The driver benefits from a number of avant-garde driving assistance systems that also ensure increased safety for all occupants, including an autonomous emergency braking system, fatigue sensor, active assistance for maintaining the vehicle's trajectory and intelligent lighting.

Discover our latest Hyundai i20 models.

Suzuki swift

Turn heads on your city and road trips, at the wheel of your new Suzuki Swift or your used Suzuki Swift obtained for less than CHF 500 per month on the platform. The Suzuki Swift is a muscle-bound, yet refined car, which is ready to take you through town and country. This Japanese city car seduces by its comfort, grace, robustness and modernity. All these qualities are reflected in the interior layout. The Suzuki Swift is no less safe and easy to handle. The driver has access to various driving assistance equipment that enhances his or her driving experience. For example, the driver can stay in constant contact with everyone around him or her thanks to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity systems. On long journeys and in city traffic jams, the driver and passengers can enjoy the various multimedia applications on their smartphone: radio, streaming music, etc. The 12-volt sockets are close at hand in case the battery runs down on the journey.

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Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia)
The Skoda Fabia has athletic curves that reflect its dynamism, modernity and safety. This versatile city car gives you everything you need to get around town and on the highways with ease. The Skoda Fabia welcomes its passengers in a comfortable and chic interior. The driver benefits from perfect ergonomics. The console is designed to make driving a real pleasure, with a range of equipment based on the latest technological innovations, including the central screen that displays various practical information as required. The Skoda Fabia also guarantees ideal safety thanks, among other things, to the XDS+ electronic differential lock system, the adaptive cruise control system and the parking assistance system, which operates on the basis of several radars. Convenience and power can coexist. The Skoda Fabia is proof of this. This contemporary city car is equipped with a powerful, economical and environmentally friendly engine.
Get your new or used Skoda Fabia today for less than CHF 500 per month.

Discover our latest Skoda Fabia models.

Citroën C3

Citroen C3
With its voluptuous forms and sporty design, which give it a look close to that of a compact SUV, the Citroën C3 is the versatile city car that we all dream of driving one day. Sitting inside a Citroën C3 provides an enhanced sense of well-being. This is precisely the purpose of the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme. The driver benefits from a comfort experience in a whole new dimension. From the moment the car starts up, it is a proven performer in terms of manoeuvrability. Driving is made all the easier thanks to various assistance systems such as front parking assistance, hands-free starting, emergency braking, hill start assistance and lane keeping assistance.
Make your dream come true by acquiring your new or used Citroën C3 for less than CHF 500 per month on the platform.

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