Used car leasing in Switzerland: pre-owned leasing

8th October 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the Swiss leasing market and the Swiss economy in general. However, the trend is upwards thanks to the explosion in demand for safer, more secure individual means of transport. It goes without saying that leasing is a process that allows thousands of households to drive modern cars for monthly payments that remain affordable. The price can be lowered even more by leasing a second-hand car. As well as being flexible, leasing a car for a fixed period of time also allows you to save money. There is no better way for a household to control the budget for their car.

Leasing a car in excellent condition at a lower cost

More and more people are interested in leasing in Switzerland. Studies have shown that almost half of the cars on Swiss roads are using this means of payment, and it seems that this number is growing steadily with some dealers now reporting 80% of their cars being sold over leasing

But did you know this? Leasing a car is also possible on used car models which offer a more accessible selling price and in consequence a reduced monthly payment. offers you in its catalogue a wide choice of second-hand vehicles in leasing with interesting monthly payments for a period from 24 to 60 months. By choosing a second-hand model instead of a new one, you can make potential savings of between CHF 3,000 and 5,000, depending on the model of the car and its mileage.

Taking the example of a used Audi A1 Sportback 30 TFSI S-tronic with a mileage of 2500 km, displayed at a list price of CHF 35,500. With standard leasing parameters - 48 months - 10,000 km/year - 15 % down payment, the monthly all-inclusive used leasing instalment amounts to CHF 530 (CHF 626 if the vehicle is new).

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Consolidate the costs into a single monthly payment

Leasing providers are working harder and harder to give private individuals the opportunity to get the most out of their leases. With this in mind, has launched the all-in-one offer on the market. This offer combines insurance, taxes, maintenance costs, tyres and warranty in a single monthly payment, which not only allows you to keep an overview of your costs, but also saves time.

So you can rest assured that's All-in-one service removes the fears associated with getting a used car: the costs associated with service and maintenance and a vehicle without a warranty.

Why lease a second hand car rather than purchase?
The success of leasing is also due to the lack of interest in buying a car among private individuals, especially young people. Moreover, why should they do so? Driving a car out of the dealership makes them lose 20% of their investment, hence the constant interest in leasing as a purchase option. Don't forget that if you're a heavy car user, you have absolutely no interest in buying a new one, which will see its residual value halved after 3 years. This new car will have cost an enormous amount of energy, time and money to depreciate after only a few years. Never forget that, unlike real estate, a car loses value over time.
It is a fact that a used or new leased car costs you considerably less than buying it, and what's more, you can change it if you wish. One of the biggest advantages of leasing is that you don't own the car, but can exchange it for a newer model or buy it off when you want.

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