10 new and used cars for less than CHF 750 per month all inclusive

11th August 2020

Are you looking for a modern new or used car on a tight budget? The 10 car models presented in this collection are available for less than CHF 750 per month all inclusive. Indeed, by choosing a new car or a used car on our plateform, you can benefit from our All-in-one package.

What is All-in-one?

All-in-one by is the easiest way to get a car in Switzerland. All our prices include insurance, taxes, maintenance, tires and an extended warranty in one monthly payment, you save both time and money.

You will find the car of your dreams for less than CHF 750 per month from this selection of contemporary SUVs, crossovers and sedans.

Mini 5 doors

Mini Cooper 5D

You can obtain a new Mini 5 doors or a used Mini 5 doors for less than CHF 750 per month, on the platform, by leasing. You can thus take advantage of the many advantages of this latest generation city car with peace of mind. The Mini 5 doors differs from the older models by its much more spacious interior which makes it a modern family car. However, the car retains all the assets of the original Mini, namely: dynamism and maneuverability, plus practical and innovative features. In particular, the 5-door Mini is equipped with a lot of driver assistance and safety features, such as the display of driving information in the driver's field of vision, RTTI: real-time traffic information, MINI park assist, Bluetooth connectivity, MINI Controller Touch voice control, the central dashboard display and the sports steering wheel with its integrated multi-button control system that allows the driver to control the radio or smartphone while keeping the steering wheel in place.

Discover our latest Mini 5 doors models

Mercedes CLA shooting brake

Mercedes benz CLA shooting break
Who doesn't dream of sitting comfortably in the air-conditioned seat of his Mercedes CLA shooting brake and being able to talk to his car and say "Hey Mercedes"? Know that you are now able to make your dream come true by getting a new or second-hand Mercedes CLA shooting brake, in leasing, for less than 750 CHF per month. Take your family or friends aboard this sporty car with its spacious, luxurious, comfortable and ultra-modern interior and go conquer the big cities and major roads. You'll never experience a comparable driving sensation. The Mercedes CLA shooting brake features state-of-the-art driver assistance equipment and the latest generation of safety systems that go hand in hand with enhanced sporting performance.

Discover our latest models of Mercedes CLA shooting break

Audi A1 sportback

A1 Sportback
Are you looking for a car that is modern, functional and high-performance, with a reasonable budget? The Audi A1 Sportback meets your expectations. You can find a new Audi A1 Sportback or a used Audi A1 Sportback, offered for less than CHF 750 per month on our platform.
The Audi A1 belongs to the city car class and has a sporty design with a sleek appearance. Inside, the brand has opted for equipment that optimizes the driving experience and the safety of the occupants. The Audi A1 Sportback includes the Audi Pre Sense front system, which detects the slightest obstacle and triggers emergency braking. It is also equipped with Audi lane assist, which is automatically activated as soon as the car reaches a speed of 65 km/h and alerts the driver if the car veers off course.

Discover our latest Audi A1 sportback models

Mercedes GLA class

Mercedes Benz GLA
The Mercedes GLA class is available on the platform for less than CHF 750 per month. You can opt for a new or used Mercedes GLA class and enjoy the increased performance, unmatched comfort and all the technologies of the vehicle at your leisure.
This car model, equipped with the latest generation of functional and safety equipment, is particularly aimed at drivers who cannot do without their smartphone. The Mercedes GLA class is indeed equipped with the smartphone integration kit, which offers free access to all smartphone applications while remaining perfectly focused on driving. On the design side, the aggressive look takes precedence over elegance, with a distinctive grille and bumper. As far as safety is concerned, the German carmaker has opted for high-performance LED lighting, emergency braking, PRE-SAFE and parking assistance.

Discover our latest Mercedes GLA class models

Audi A3 sportback

Audi - Back - Red
The Audi A3 aims to be functional and powerful, with a sporty exterior design and an interior that combines comfort and technology to provide enhanced driver and passenger convenience. The Audi A3 is equipped with the MMI infotainment system with intuitive operation and voice control as well as various driver assistance features such as Audi captive cruise control and Audi parking assistance system. This model of a sedan-type car is distinguished by the very large interior space, especially the very spacious trunk. In addition, the power of the engine and the road handling are characteristics that are specific to all cars of the German Audi brand.
Get a new Audi A3 or a used Audi A3 on an all-in-one lease for less than CHF 750 per month.

Discover our latest Audi A3 models

Mercedes C class - combi

Mercedes C class combi
Are you seduced by the graceful, clean curves of the Mercedes C class-combi? You can lease it for less than CHF 750 per month on the platform.
You will discover all the advantages of the Mercedes C class by sitting comfortably in the design leather driver's seat and taking the steering wheel. The sporty steering wheel with its integrated Touch Control buttons will amaze you from the very first moment you get to grips with it. Assistance systems and safety equipment enhance the driving experience. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, parking assistance with rear-view camera and several panoramic cameras, the trajectory tool to help you stay on course, and the mirror package provide, among other things, optimum driving comfort to accommodate the driver even on the longest journeys.
So what are you waiting for to choose your latest generation toy from the selection of new and used Mercedes C-Class Combi?

Discover our latest Mercedes C class combi models

Hyundai Kona

Electric cars Hyundai Kona
An urban SUV from the Korean brand Hyundai for less than 750 CHF per month! Never seen before, you might say, but truly accessible with Yes, for less than 750 CHF per month, on lease, you can enjoy the great handling of a new Hyundai Kona or a used Hyundai Kona and all the equipment from the latest technologies. You will impress many people when you drive this car with its contemporary and elegant design, worthy of a crossover of the future. The interior is no less graceful and modern, as well as extremely comfortable. In addition to optimal comfort, the driver has access to a range of revolutionary tools such as head-up display and smartphone connectivity, which offers free access to several applications installed in the smartphone while remaining completely focused on steering. These features make driving smoother and therefore less stressful.
Discover our latest Hyundai Kona models

Alfa romeo Giulietta

Alpha Romeo Giulietta - White
Opt for the grace and character of Italian style and the pleasure of driving in the city and on country roads with the Alfa romeo Giulietta. You can lease a new Alfa romeo Giulietta or a second-hand Alfa romeo Giulietta on our platform for less than CHF 750 per month.
Sporty, elegant and agile handling are reflected in the exterior design as well as in the interior of the car. In terms of functionality, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is equipped with all the distinctive features of a modern top-of-the-range car, including cruise control, the visibility package, parking assistance consisting of speed cameras placed at the front and rear of the vehicle, and automatic air conditioning.

Discover our latest Alfa Romeo Giuletta models

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade
The Jeep Renegade embodies presence, sturdiness, modernity and convenience. These characteristics set this urban SUV apart from other cars of its kind. Not to mention the practical equipment and safety features that give this vehicle more cachet. In particular, the driver can benefit from Bluetooth connectivity technology that allows him to access the basic functions of his smartphone hands-free (making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, etc.) and certain practical applications installed on his phone, including the navigation tool, thanks to Uconnect services. The Jeep Renegade's interior is loaded with control buttons located within easy reach of the driver.
Find your new Jeep Renegade or your pre-owned Jeep Renegade on lease for less than CHF 750 per month.

Discover our latest Jeep Renegade models

Skoda Karoq

Skoda Karoq
The exterior design of the Skoda Karop inspires, at first glance, robustness and presence. This compact SUV boasts a neat aesthetic, with simple but strong lines, offering a singular character. The interior is just as sophisticated as the exterior. The equipment integrated into the driver's compartment, including the digital dashboard displaying various practical information, adds a modern touch to the vehicle and enhances driver comfort. The tinted panoramic roof ensures that all occupants can enjoy optimum comfort in all weathers. Safety is not forgotten. The Skoda Karoq is equipped with Lane Keeping Assist, Front Lane Assistant which detects obstacles that arise at the last moment and activates emergency braking to avoid a collision, Blind Spot Sensor, Traffic Jam Assist and many other revolutionary technologies.
You can lease a new Skoda Karoq or lease a used Skoda Karoq for less than CHF 750 per month.

Discover our latest Skoda Karoq models

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