The hidden costs when you get a car

12th February 2021

You live in Switzerland and have just bought a new car? Then you should know that it's not just a question of paying a regular monthly rate. Whether it's a purchase or a lease, commonly known as a lease with purchase option, each car model obtained hides hidden costs related to this investment. In fact, these are extra costs that must be included in your car budget each year. They should be taken into consideration as soon as you take possession of your car.

The various hidden costs

Full CASCO insurance

When you own a car, you are required by law to take out partial or full car insurance. In Switzerland, if you have purchased a car through a lease option, Full-CASCO insurance is compulsory. This is an insurance policy with full cover for all damages, even if caused by others. In other words, it covers you against various risks including fire and natural phenomena, theft, collision, destruction or damage. The annual cost of the insurance depends on a multitude of factors such as the model and year of your vehicle, your age and your driving experience.
Full CASCO insurance: CHF 840 on average per year.

Repair and maintenance

Having a car means thinking about regular repairs and maintenance. That's why drivers must be prepared to pay significant costs related to this hidden cost. Changing a faulty part or having an oil change is an expense to be avoided, usually in addition to the monthly leasing rate.
Repair and maintenance: CHF 1,300 on average per year


Changing your tyres is also one of the hidden costs of maintaining your car properly. To do this, you need to include in your maintenance budget the cost associated with two tyre changes per year. But also the cost of storing your tyres if you don't have the space to store them at home.
Tyres: CHF 800 on average per year

Annual taxes

In addition to the cost of your lease to be paid monthly, owning a car requires the payment of an annual fee to your canton. Each motor vehicle is also subject to a traffic tax, also known as the road traffic tax. The calculation of this tax depends on a number of criteria, including the canton, the power, the cubic capacity and the total weight of the car.
Taxes: CHF 300 on average per year

All-in-one by

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