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15th June 2020

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Many people have experienced it in their life, you’re driving in your car and the service light comes on. The first responses are usually: “WTF is this light? Can I still drive my car? And how much is this going to cost me?” The following moments you start calling the service number, the salesperson who sold you the car or your insurance company. Finally, you are sent to a garage miles away, after which you’re given a huge bill with unexplained costs you don't understand. Unable to compare and unable to benchmark against other garages. Leaving you unsatisfied and with a big bill to pay.

This is why we built All-in-one. By bundling all the fees together we got rid of unexplained service costs to make sure you never pay too much and are always satisfied. On top, we used our power and the power of our partners to save you money by bundling the costs of insurance, service, tyres and warranty together. Moreover, as we’re partnered with all the branded garages in Switzerland you’ll never have to drive far. is the easiest way to find, get and drive a car in Switzerland and with our economies of scale, we made it more affordable as well. Unlike Auto-abos or a full service leasing provider, we have over 4,000 cars you can choose from and our team is unbiased in helping you get the right one! is the dealership of the future that is transparent and honest and which helps you drive comfortably and easily.

Here’s what sets us apart:

- All-inclusive costs: We bundle together all the costs that you need to get on the road, so that you and your car are safe for a great price.

- All online: We make sure you can get the car from the comfort of your own home with the easiest process on the market.

- Unbiased team: Our experienced team of Advisors makes sure your questions are answered and that you feel comfortable with getting the right car for the right price. Our motto: “we don't sell you cars, we help you get one”.

- 14 day car back guarantee: Not sure about the car? You can give it back in the first 14 days after you signed the contract.

- 4,000+ Dream Cars: We stock the most popular makes and models, from Audi to Skoda, from Jeep to Jaguar, from Mazda to Volkswagen. Find your next ride.

- Sell or Trade In: Already have a car? No problem, we can help you get a great price for it.

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