9 reasons for Neo-Leasing

You probably know about neo-banks - now there's also neo-leasing from Nine reasons why most people will conclude their next car via neo-leasing.
18th August 2021

1. 100% online

Neo-Leasing is unique in its kind. Among other things, it is a 100% online leasing process with everything included. Everything can now be done online from the comfort of your own home or on the go - from finding the car to signing the final contract. The all-inclusive lease from is the first neo-lease in Switzerland. auf Natel

2. All-inclusive

Neo-Leasing is "All-in-one" and covers all the costs involved in car ownership. You therefore not only save money, but also nerves because you don't have to arrange everything yourself. Insurance, taxes, service, warranty, tyres including change and storage as well as the vignette are included in the price of every car. Every customer is cared for by a Advisor, who answers any questions and concerns.

3. All brands

Neo-Leasing from can be obtained on any vehicle on the market. There are thousands of cars to choose from on the platform.

4. New and used cars

Neo-Leasing of a car is now also possible for second-hand vehicles. This allows for a lower purchase price and therefore a reduced monthly payment. The risk associated with a used car is completely covered with the all-inclusive leasing from on mac

5. Get your budget under control

No surprises await you with Neo-Leasing. All costs are covered and the residual value of the vehicle is fixed at the beginning. That's why you receive an invoice every month that always stays the same.

6. Easy entry into electric cars

With Neo-Leasing, you can trade in your car online and make a worry-free switch to an electric car. There is no need to speculate on the value of the electric car after use, as the residual value is fixed when the contract is signed.

Electric charging of a car

7. Best reviews, which developed Switzerland's first neo-lease with its all-inclusive leasing, also has the best customer reviews (4.9 stars on Google Reviews).

8. Fixed prices

Neo-Leasing is price-transparent. Right at the beginning of the order, the final fixed price is transparently visible. The displayed price remains guaranteed and makes it easy to compare prices and models.

9. On the road with you

Those who go on the road with all-inclusive leasing receive a personal advisor right from the start, who accompanies them through the application process and is also available later, when they are on the road, to answer any questions or concerns they may have.


Neo-Leasing is Leasing 2.0. For you, it makes everything simply easier! Everything is online, all-inclusive, and available for all brands—no more need to navigate through the leasing jungle. Plus, you have super friendly advisors always by your side! Depending on your budget, you can also lease used cars and find really great deals. Want to try out an electric car? No problem, because the relatively short contract terms in leasing allow you to change your car every 2-4 years. With a Neo-Leasing from, you also always have your budget under control thanks to fixed prices, and you don't have to worry about sudden fees and costs.

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