Leasing a car during COVID-19

Car dealerships are taking precautions to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 Virus. Here you will find the answers on how you can still get a car in the current situation.

Leasing a car during COVID-19

Are all dealerships closed during the COVID-19 period?

From May 11th, many dealerships will open their doors again with special security measures, but some will remain closed. We invite you to get in touch with gowago.ch Advisors for more details.

Can I still collect my car at the dealership?

Yes – Getting your car at the dealership is still possible.
Thanks to the online process offered by gowago.ch, everything you need to get the lease for your car can be done at home. You can pick up your car at the dealership - but there will be no direct contact with the sales advisors. All the original documents and keys can be obtained at the dealership - this is done with the necessary safety distance and hygienic regulations. Moreover, in some cases we can deliver the car directly to your home, you can ask your gowago.ch Advisor if this is applicable to your order.

Can I get an introduction to my new vehicle at the dealership?

Getting an introduction by the sales advisor in person will be possible in some dealerships from May 11th with special security measures. We invite you to contact your gowago.ch Advisor for more details.

Can I do a test drive at the dealership?

This differs from dealership to dealership, because not all the dealerships allow test drives. Please ask your gowago.ch Advisor if a test drive is possible for the car you chose and if it is, your gowago.ch Advisor will arrange the test drive for you. There will be no direct contact with the sales advisors but they will prepare the car for your test drive and also make sure you get the key for it. This can be all individually arranged for you by your gowago.ch Advisor.

Do dealerships offer home delivery service?

Some dealerships offer home delivery services but this differs from dealership to dealership. Your gowago.ch Advisor can give you individual information about this. If home delivery is essential to your order and the dealership does not provide it you can also ask your gowago.ch Advisor to arrange the home delivery through our third party service.

Will leasing banks still be able to process my leasing application?

Yes, leasing banks are still working and will process all leasing applications but there could be slight delays due to unusual working hours.

Can my new vehicle still get registered at the Road Traffic Office?

Your car can still be registered at the Road Traffic Office. Due to safety precautions this must be done by post, and visiting the office is not permitted during this time - therefore the registration of your new car can take 5 to 10 working days.

Any questions? Please get in touch through info@gowago.ch or by calling +41 44 461 13 44.

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