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One year free insurance
CHF 1'422 average saving based on average price of full casco insurance of all cars of gowago, calculated with TCS estimations.

1 Year full casco Insurance for free when you get a car on gowago.ch

gowago.ch is the new way to lease a car in Switzerland. With All-in-one, you have everything you need to get on the road, and this fall you even get 12 months FREE, mandatory full casco insurance with any order!

This offer is valid on all cars and parameters, for all orders completed until the 31st October 2021. Terms and conditions apply

During the promotion, all prices on gowago.ch already include the 1 year free insurance, discounted on the monthly price. Meaning, if you take a 48 months contract the discount will be applied on the monthly rate split over the 48 months.

The cost of full casco insurance in Switzerland

Full casco insurance is mandatory with every leasing in Switzerland. It includes the partial casco insurance and collision insurance. The insurance covers you whether the damage is your fault or someone else's.

But how much does a full casco insurance cost in Switzerland? On average, gowago's cars insurance is CHF 1'422 based on estimation from our partner TCS.

However, insurances costs are heavily dependent on the car (type, price, power etc.) and the main driver demographic (age, gender, nationality). At gowago.ch, we value transparency, so the price you see is the price you pay.

You can always compare your costs for full-casco insurance with different providers directly on Comparis.

You find yourself paying too much for your full casco insurance? Don't hesitate and benefit now from our unique, limited offer of 1 year insurance for free on top of all the benefits of All-in-one : the better way to lease a car in Switzerland.

Terms and Conditions of the offer

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the offer / service "1 year full casco insurance for free" operated by GOWAGO AG (t/a gowago.ch)

By accessing or using the offer you agree to be bound by these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms, then you may not access the offer.

  • Offer valid for all cars with all-inclusive leasing or all-inclusive abo on gowago.ch.
  • Offer valid for all orders completed between the 09.09.2021 and the 31.10.2021.

gowago.ch reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time. If a revision is material, a 7 days' notice will be provided prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at the gowago.ch' sole discretion.

  • Discount applies on gowago's All-in-one proprietary full casco insurance only, in partnership with Baloise Versicherung AG. Generals terms and conditions of the insurance policy can be found here : https://gowago.ch/en/content/all-in-one-terms-documents-june2021#insurance
  • Discount applied over the length of the contract as a monthly discount applied on the All-in-one invoice.
  • The prices displayed on gowago.ch during the offer duration already include the discount as part of the All-in-one price.
  • Offer valid for Swiss residents only.
  • Offer available to all eligible gowago.ch customers, subject to usual customer status and eligible criteria of gowago.ch product and services.
  • Offer valid for all terms and configuration of All-in-one leasing and abo, regardless of chosen duration, kilometer, first increased payment or residency canton.
  • For All-inclusive abo, there will be no increase of price if the customer keeps the car after the end of the minimum duration. The discount of insurance will still apply until the customer ends the subscription contract.


  • Exception for 6-months All-inclusive abo : the amount of the discount for a 6-months All-inclusive abo is calculated for 6 months insurance, and not 12 months.
  • Offer does not apply for a customer choosing a car with leasing by Migros Bank without All-in-one (leasing only).
  • Offer does not apply for a customer choosing an All-in-one contract without a leasing by Migros Bank (All-in-one only).
  • Customers can not choose an abo on gowago.ch without an All-in-one contract.

General gowago.ch terms and conditions

By accessing or using the offer, the customer becomes a gowago.ch customer and agrees to the general terms and conditions of gowago.ch that are accessible here: https://gowago.ch/en/content/terms-of-use

If customer choses an All-inclusive leasing product, offer is subject to all terms & conditions that apply to any leasing product provided by gowago.ch that can be found here :https://gowago.ch/en/content/leasing-terms

If customer choses an All-inclusive abo product, offer is subject to all terms & conditions that apply to any subscription product provided by gowago.ch that can be found here : https://gowago.ch/en/content/abo-terms

You have a question about the "1 year insurance for free" offer terms and condition? Write us at info@gowago.ch

1 year free insurance

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