The right car for your lifestyle

How do you use your car?

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Company car
Comfort and class
Comfortable on the road and stylish when it matters. These cars are always include more than 4 seats, comfortable to drive, and are well equipped for long journeys.

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Long journeys
Comfort is key
For people who drive for long distances for work or play. If you are somebody who uses a car for long journeys on a regular basis then you’ll want something comfortable, practical and relatively efficient. Sitting in a car can be tiring and can even damaging to your body if the seat does not match your level of comfortability.

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Family car
Flexibility and space
Recently got an addition to the family? Then you probably need a bigger car. Strollers, baby seats, toys, and diaper bags mean you need the space and flexibility to accommodate your growing family. Family friendly cars have big boots, and enough seats for the whole family.

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Big boot
For when you need a lot of things to move with you
If you have an active outdoor lifestyle which requires traveling with bikes, skis or golf bags you simply need a big boot.

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City driving
Small and efficient
If you live in, or commute to and from a city, than a large pick-up truck probably isn’t the right fit for you. Cities tend to have small parking spaces, tight corners, and the stop-and-go traffic means you’ll want something small and fuel efficient.

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Driving for fun
For when driving is it’s own experience
For the people who enjoy the feeling of speed. Speed is not just the number of horses under the hood, but also convertibles, nimble road runners, and cars which are just FUN to drive. Cars that feel special, that stands out, and which will make you feel every day.

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For mountain living or going off-road
Snow, dirt, mountains, steep slopes. The grip, maneuverability and control provided by a car driven by all four wheels can handle it all.

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New driver
For when you’re getting started
Congratulations, you just got your driver licence! This is a big step and something we at applaud you for! Practice makes perfect, and these easy to drive cars will help you master the roads.

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