How helps you save up to 1’900 CHF has become the most affordable way to drive in Switzerland by making you save money on 1'000s of new and used verified vehicles.
16th July 2020

When you get a car, the most exciting part is to select the car that is right for you. What is important to know, and what people usually underestimate, are the side costs mandatory to get a car on the road. When you sum up everything, you obtain what are called “Total Costs of Ownership”. They are used for example to compare if riding an electric vehicle is a save on the wallet. has partnered with the best suppliers in Switzerland, negotiated the best prices and bundled everything together in a package - the All-in-one. Using economies of volume, we help our customers save up to 1’900 CHF over the duration of their lease, compared to car costs calculated by TCS.

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The table below will show you as an example how you can save up to CHF 1’900 on an Audi A4 Allroad lease, 48 months and 10'000km per year with All-in-one by :

All-in-one Buy yourself
Full-casco insurance (per year) 1’740 CHF
Vehicle tax (per year) * 595 CHF
Servicing (per year) * 726 CHF
Tyres (per year) * 415 CHF
Tyres change and storage (per year) * 260 CHF
Vignette (per year) 40 CHF
Total cost of owning the car (per year) 3’300 CHF (275/mth) 3’776 CHF (315/mth)
Total cost of owning the car over 48 months 13’200 CHF 15’104 CHF
Total savings over 48 months 1’904 CHF -

*Estimation powered by TCS.

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