Abo One

Abo One

For when you need extra flexibility but none of the headaches.

How is Abo One better than traditional abo?

Biggest car selection

Compare and choose from thousands of cars all over Switzerland. You can subscribe to new or used cars and choose from a wide range of makes and models.

Switch to lease

Love your car? Ready for a longer term commitment? Switch from Abo One to Leasing One at any point during your subscription. You get all the benefits of All-in-one, but for a lower monthly price.

100% online process

We created the first fully online car subscription process in Switzerland. Now you can do everything online from the comfort of your home - from finding your car to signing the final contract.

One monthly price. Everything included.

Freedom is worrying less about the boring things, so you can focus on the fun things. Every car on gowago.ch comes with everything you need to hit the road.



Extended warranty

Full-Casco insurance

Extra tyres and changes

Vehicle tax + vignette

Want to pay less per month?

Take a look at Leasing One! You get all the benefits of All-in-one, but for a lower monthly price.

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Leasing One

The straightforward, hassle-free, haggle-free way to drive your dream car.

Keep from 24 months

Leasing by Migros Bank

100% online

No-haggle pricing

Everything included

More about Leasing One

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Migros Bank
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Fleet Service
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