Report a fault

If your All-in-one package includes an extended warranty your car is protected for the whole length of your All-in-one contract, and the cost of repairs is included if something breaks or fails during normal use.

Your car will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, however after this ends, it will be covered by our warranty partner Mobile Garantie AG.

Proceed with a warranty enquiry

Contact All-in-one customer service:

+41 44 505 11 18

Warranty claim

If the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid you can report a warranty claim directly to an official garage of the brand of your car.

If the manufacturer’s warranty is no longer valid, your All-in-one subscription includes an extended warranty from Mobile Garantie AG provided by Fleet Service AG. The garage will need to contact Fleet Service, to approve the repairs. You will be asked to provide the All-in-one contract number (AIO) you can find on your All-in-one card.

If you have any questions please contact All-in-one customer services.

Frequently asked questions

When should I inform about a warranty claim?

In the event of a fault or mechanical issue, please report the issue to an official garage of the manufacturer of your car within 5 days of discovering the problem, and always get an approval before arranging repairs.

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