Paying for All-in-one

All-in-one is a monthly subscription you pay to Your first payment is due prior to pick-up of the car, and subsequent payments are due every month on the day noted as the ‘start date’ on your All-in-one contract.

Didn’t receive an invoice?

Please contact our customer service if you need a new card:

+41 44 505 11 18


Your first invoice will be sent the on-or-before the start day of your contract, and the next invoices will be sent to you on the same day of the subsequent months. For example if your contract starts on the 7th of March, you will receive the first invoice on that day and then the 7th of every following month during the duration of your contract.

Invoices will send all invoices via email and never by post.

Payment terms

Invoices must be paid within 14 days from the date of the invoice being issued.

Paying your invoice

You can pay your All-in-one invoices through a transfer directly with your bank. Please make sure to include your All-in-one contract number as the ‘Reference’. You will find the number on your All-in-one card and on the top right of your invoice under: “Subscription ID “

BANK NAME: Credit Suisse
IBAN: CH34 0483 5161 5659 8100 0
REFERENCE: Subscription ID / All-in-one contract

Setup a recurring payment

To keep things simple, we recommend setting up a ‘standing order’ with your bank to be paid automatically on the same day for the duration of your All-in-one subscription. Your monthly All-in-one subscription costs the same every month for the entire length of your contract.

Frequently asked questions

Am I still covered if I’m late with a payment?

If you are a few days late with your payment you will still be covered, but you must settle as soon as possible.

If you fail to pay your All-in-one invoice for 2 months, has the right to terminate the contract and start a debt collection process. In this case, the insurance provider will be notified and the cover of insurance is lost. This may result in the leasing contract being terminated by the leasing bank.

If you fail to pay your leasing instalment you will still owe the bank interest on arrears in the amount as well as compensation for further damage caused by the late payment. In addition, you will have to pay reminder fees of CHF 10.00 for a 1st reminder and CHF 20.00 for a 2nd and each subsequent reminder.

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