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Your leasing contract is provided by Migros Bank, where Gowago is the bank's representative for all questions, communications and contacts.

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Your leasing contract

In your contract, you’ll find all the details of your leasing agreement. It includes the Residual Value, which is the value of the car at the end of the leasing. The Mileage allowance, which determines the amount of kilometres you can drive during the leasing period, is also mentioned in the contract.

Payment terms

You have to pay the leasing monthly instalments in advance, no later than the first day of each month. The monthly lease instalments have to be paid even if the vehicle cannot be used or can only be used to a limited extent. If you miss a payment, the instalment is still owed to the leasing bank (Migros Bank) with the corresponding interest rate. In addition, you will be charged with a reminder fee of CHF 10.00 for a 1st reminder and CHF 20.00 for a 2nd and each subsequent reminder.

Use and maintenance of the vehicle

You will be responsible to use the vehicle carefully, properly and in accordance with the manufacturer's or supplier's instructions. You are also responsible for maintaining, servicing and, if necessary, repairs. All costs will be covered by your All-in-one contract. Modifications to the vehicle may only be made with the prior express written consent. If you are unsure about a change, please get in touch with our All-in-one customer service.

Damages to the vehicle

If you have any damages to the vehicle, you must use your insurance (included in your All-in-one contract) to get it repaired as soon as possible. If the repair amount is over CHF 1000 you have to notify us via email -

Early cancellation

If you want to cancel your contract before the contractual date, you will have to settle your agreement as described in your contract in the section: “Settlement for early termination”. The car must be returned in good condition. Any necessary repairs and maintenance work that is not attributable to normal wear and tear will be charged to you. Excessive mileage can also be charged at the agreed rate per extra kilometre.
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