Selling on

Qualified leads only
We provide only credit-checked and financially eligible customers.
Pay per sale
You only pay if we sell one of your cars. No listing or subscription fee.
A transparent commission
Update - to support dealers during the pandemic, gowago is waving the usual 1% comission for new cars, 2% for used.
How it works
Credit and budget check
After your listing has been chosen, we conduct a credit and budget check. If successful we gather all information and documents needed.
Price and availability
We will ask you to confirm the availability and final monthly rate of the car chosen. The customer then get's the proposal and takes the final decision.
Leasing application
You will perform a leasing application with your preferred leasing provider. We provide the information and documents needed.
Customer handover
After the leasing has been approved we will handover the customer to you. You will organise the delivery and registration.
Your benefits
Unique sales channel
We offer a new sales channel for your dealership.
We are unbiased and transparent. All Dealerships and Customers are getting treated the same way.
Trusted partners
We work with credible lenders and leasing companies.
Save time and money
We do the sales and marketing for you. Spend your time on your existing customer base.
Improve your reach
It’s easy for potential new customers to find offers from your dealership.
Fulfil customer needs
We provide new mobility solutions for our partners and customers.
Still have questions?
Call us +41 44 461 13 44 or get in touch through
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All prices and car imagery are for illustrative purposes, and may differ from the prices and vehicle models offered by sellers. GOWAGO AG provides a service that connect you with automotive sellers. GOWAGO AG is not responsible for the securing of vehicles. GOWAGO AG does not issue credit; all leasing arrangements are between your and the seller. VAT is included in these prices (subject to price, interest and tax rate changes). The granting of credit is not allowed if it results in over-indebtedness of the consumer.