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We are your only customer
We provide our own fast and 100% online processes.
Pay per sale
You only pay if we sell one of your cars.
Transparent commission fees
2% of total price for new and 3% for used cars.
How it works
Credit and budget check
After your listing has been chosen, we gather all information and documents needed from the client to conduct a credit and budget check.
Price and availability
We will ask you to confirm the availability and the price of the selected car. If the car is available, you will supply us with a purchase agreement including all accessories and we will need you to reserve the car for the next 72 hours.
Leasing application
We will take care of the leasing application with our partner Migros Bank.
Once everything is set, we will proceed with buying the car from you and arrange the handover or home delivery. You will only detail and prepare the car for the delivery.
Your benefits
We are unbiased and transparent.
All dealerships and customer requests are treated the same way.
Trusted partners
We partner with credible and reliable partners such as Baloise Versicherungen, Migros Bank and Touring Club Schweiz.
Save time and money
Sell more by doing less: you will only communicate with us in regards to price, availability and handover throughout the whole process.
Improve your reach
It’s easy for potential new customers to find offers from your dealership. On top of that we are doing marketing for you.
Fulfil customer needs
We provide new and convenient mobility solutions for our partners and customers, such as all-in-one leasing and subscription.
Unique sales channel
We offer an additional, new sales channel for your dealership.
Still have questions?
Call us +41 44 461 13 44 or get in touch through
Partnered with
Migros Bank
Touring Club Schweiz
Fleet Service
The granting of credit is not allowed if it results in over-indebtedness of the consumer.
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