Yes, but only if your chosen garage is a an official service location for your car's brand. If you're not sure it is, contact us and we will help you find it out.

Learn more about official service locations here

Service and maintenance must be done according to the manufacturer's service interval and guidelines. You should get a notification on your car's information system when a next service is due. When in doubt, contact us and we will help you out.

You must do maintenance and service your car at an official service location of the car brand you're driving (e.g. if your car is an Audi, you can only service your car in official Audi service locations).

You can find the official service locations on your car brand's website or click here.

You can also contact us and we'll find a garage close to you.

Services for your car will be planned and appointments will need to be taken, you should therefore plan ahead to not need your car that day. Our partner garage will gladly offer you a replacement car, but it is not included in the All-in-one. In case of an unplanned event, such as an accident or a breakdown, a replacement car is covered by your Baloise insurance.

No, you can use every All-in-one inclusions without extra costs. Just visit one of our partner garages and show your All-in-one customer card.

Regular maintenance
Everything required by the car’s manufacturer, such as oil changes, and testing of the car's safety.

Repairs resulting from regular wear
This includes repairs to components such as the car's clutch, exhaust, brakes, gearbox, and engine. Most expendable parts like fuses, light bulbs, and wiper blades are also included.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

or call us +41 44 461 13 44

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

or call us +41 44 461 13 44

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