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Applying for a car

As soon as you complete all steps of the application, an advisor will validate all your documents and proceed to reserve the car at our partner location. This should take no more than 1 working day.

Once the car is reserved, we will send you a confirmation.

In the unlikely scenario, that the car is no longer available, we will make sure to offer you alternatives. However, this is a rare case, and the car should not become unavailable after you complete all steps of the application.

Yes, you still can cancel your All-in-one contract if something goes wrong before you have signed your leasing contract.

However, we will try everything we can to make sure no issues arise and that you receive a leasing contract that satisfies all of your needs.

The All-in-one contract is an agreement between you and us that summarizes all the services we offer within All-in-one.

The leasing contract is between you and Migros Bank. It summarizes your rights and responsibilities for your car's financial lease agreement.

In the end, you will have two running contracts, one with us and one with Migros Bank for the payment of the leasing.

You must provide proof of swiss identity (Permit B or C for foreigners) and proof of solvency (salary certificates for the last 3 months).

Learn more about the requirements here

We promote good communication between all parties. Write us an email or call us so we can close your application and let the dealership know.

  1. Checkout online
    Submit your order by sharing your contact and employment information, identification document and 3 salary slips.
    Optionally, if you need to trade in your current car, provide us with the car information and pictures.
  2. Order processing
    We’ll check if you meet the eligibility criteria and then reserve your car so nobody else buys it. This may take between 1 to 3 workdays.
  3. Contract
    That’s it! We’ll send you the contract for a signature. Usually, within two weeks your car is ready for pickup or home delivered.

When you order a car by completing our online application, you're asked to give permission to to begin the pre-contractual process for securing your car and financial products. This includes performing credit checks, working with our partners to verify your eligibility for a loan, and producing contracts for your car and the included services.
You still have the opportunity to cancel your application at anytime before signing the contracts.

Usually the whole process takes between 1 and 2 weeks. However, the earlier we receive the necessary documents, the better the chances of getting the leasing contract earlier.

Yes, Gowago will process the leasing application in your behalf with Migros Bank and send you the leasing contract for you to sign online. Gowago acts as the representative of Migros Bank.

You can be refused a leasing contract if you have outstanding debt collection or unpaid debts (promissory notes). However, if you used to have debt collection or promissory notes, but now everything is resolved, a leasing bank may still approve an application. However, the probability is rather low.

Cars can't be reserved over several months most of the times. We advise you to start your application between 2 weeks and one month before the planned date for your desired car.

If you want to order a new car it will depend on the delivery time of the manufacturer. In this case we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

or call us +41 44 461 13 44

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

or call us +41 44 461 13 44

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