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About is the biggest online shop for car leasing in Switzerland. 100% online, headache free and a team of dedicated personal advisors. In addition to the lease with Migros Bank, by choosing from one of the All-in-one packages, everything is included. From insurance to tyre change and road taxes, takes care of everything for you.
Get rid of countless dealer visits, painful car search and surprising fees.

We are not a leasing bank. However, we have partnered with Migros Bank to offer you a new and better way of leasing. The leasing contract will be signed with Migros Bank.

Your lease is financed by Migros Bank. will process everything you need to lease your car in a easy and transparent way.

Yes, Gowago will process the leasing application in your behalf with Migros Bank and send you the leasing contract for you to sign online. Gowago acts as the representative of Migros Bank.

Leasing definitions

Leasing is a financing method, for which you pay a fixed monthly payment to drive a car for a set period of time. At the end of the contract you can either return the car or request an offer to purchase it for its residual value, which is the value the car is estimated to be worth at the end of the lease.

Find out more about leasing offers you the possibility to get an all-inclusive leasing through All-in-one Premium. This means that on top of your lease you have everything you need to get on the road.
You can choose from different All-in-one packages that include all or some of the following services:

  • Car lease
  • Service and maintenance
  • Extra tyres
  • Tyre changes and storage
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle tax
  • Guarantee
  • Free home delivery
  • Vignette

The residual value represents the value of the vehicle at the end of the leasing period. If the purchase option is available to you, you will be able to pay the amount of the residual value and become the owner of the car.

The All-in-one contract is an agreement between you and us that summarizes all the services we offer within All-in-one.

The leasing contract is between you and Migros Bank. It summarizes your rights and responsibilities for your car's financial lease agreement.

In the end, you will have two running contracts, one with us and one with Migros Bank for the payment of the leasing.

Payment and costs

After receiving your car, Migros Bank will send you invoices by mail with a QR code you can scan with your mobile banking app. This will allow you to pay the upfront payment and the monthly bills. If you choose an upfront payment, the first invoice you receive will include the upfront payment and the first monthly leasing instalment. A second invoice will allow you to pay the monthly instalments for the rest of your lease. We suggest setting up a recurring payment with your bank.

First invoice and second monthly installment: If you receive your car before the 15th of the month, the second monthly leasing installment is due on the first day of the following month. However the last month of the lease is not due.
If you receive your car after the 15th, the next monthly installment is due on the first day of the 3rd month after the handover.

You will start paying for your lease only after receiving the car. Migros Bank will send you the QR invoices by mail.

When you first visit, the monthly prices are set to 48 months, with a 15% down payment, and 10'000 km/year. You can use our calculator to change the contract duration, annual mileage and down payment, to get your desired monthly price. The price we display is the prices you'll get and they are exclusive prices.

Terms and conditions

Your mileage will be determined at the beginning of your lease.
You pay extra per kilometre if you exceed the total number of kilometres over your lease period. If you buy the car after lease, we waive the extra mileage fees. If you have an All-in-one package, you also pay extra for servicing and tyre changes that happen after you exceed the allowance.

If you want to add technical modifications to your car (such as tow bar, vinyl wrapping, window tinting etc..) please ask our customer service first. Once you get the approval, you will be able to proceed with the modification.
At the end of the lease you have to give back the car in the same condition you received it and remove any modifications done additionally.

You can request an offer to purchase the car at the end of your lease for the residual value. The residual value is the amount of how much the car will be worth when your lease ends.

Contact us at

Migros Bank owns the car for the duration of the lease. However, at the end of the lease you have the opportunity to become the owner of the car by paying the residual value of the car. Make sure to let your advisor in advance in case you want to buy the car at the end of your lease.

Leasing is fixed and generally cannot be changed during it's duration. If you have a question about a leasing contract you have received, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your questions.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

or call us +41 44 461 13 44

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