A feature-stuffed protection package like none-other

We’ve partnered with Baloise Insurances to create unbeatable protection built into every All-in-one package, so that you don’t have to worry in the event of something going wrong.

Every protection package comes with’s fully comprehensive (full casco) insurance package designed around taking pain out of painful situations.

All drivers are covered

Friends, family, and guests with a valid driver’s licence can drive your car and benefit from the same insurance

Free repairs

Damage not caused by you is repaired for free (CHF 0 deductible) at 100s of partner garages

Free collection and delivery

Have your car picked up and dropped off during a repair at a partner garage, and it’ll even return to you shiny clean

Europe-wide cover

TCS breakdown assistance and repairs, towing, return transport of the car

CHF 700 deductible for accidental damage

Accidental damage caused by you, such as during an impact, is covered by a CHF 700 deductible when repaired at a partner garage

More than just roadside assistance

In the event of a breakdown all car occupants get return travel and overnight accommodation if onward travel isn’t possible

What’s included?

The insurance package protects you in the event of accidental damage, natural events, collisions, injury, theft, liability claims, scratches, breakdowns, total loss of the car, damage to your EV charger, and so much more. The package includes:

  • Full casco insurance
    (Partial cover + collision insurance)

    • Partial cover
      CHF 0 deductible at partner garages

    • Collision insurance
      CHF 700 deductible at partner garages

  • Third-party liability insurance
    0 CHF deductible

  • Total loss cover (Compensation for new value)

  • Breakdown assistance

  • Replacement vehicle

Exclusive benefits available to customers:

  • Discounted deductibles when a repair is needed

  • Everyone gets the same amazing price regardless of nationality, age, occupation, or gender

  • Free repairs at partner garages to damage not caused by you

  • No additional deductible for new drivers or under the age of 25

  • No bonus/malus system – benefit from the discounted price on day 1

  • Collection and delivery service when your car is repaired by a partner garage

  • Free EV charging station insurance

  • Drive a like-for-like courtesy vehicle during repairs – Borrow an SUV whilst your SUV is being repaired

  • Have your car returned to you cleaned

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