Car Lease

1,000s of cars at amazing prices thanks to the magic of leasing

We partner with Migros Bank, one of Switzerland’s most trusted banks, to “make everyday life easier” – Rolf Knöpfel, Head of Innovation and Marketing at Migros Bank. is your single point of contact for your car lease, but it’s financially secured by Migros Bank.

Choose from 1,000s of cars is Switzerland’s biggest car leasing shop – there’s no better place to fall in love with your next car

The smartest way to drive

Instead of paying for the whole car, you instead pay for how much value is lost whilst you drive it – Sometimes it’s cheaper to drive an Audi than a Skoda

Use your fleet discount

Benefit from huge discounts your employer has negotiated on new cars from certain car makes

Purchase at the end of the lease

Either return the car at the end of your contract or possibly purchase it for the residual value

The price you see is the price you get

There’s no hidden ‘membership fees’ or ‘product fees’

Compared to financing a car, leasing saves a lot of money, gives you access to lower interest rates, and much lower monthly payments. And unlike with a car subscription, at the end of your lease you often have the option to purchase the car for it’s residual value (how much it’s worth at the end of the lease).

Partnered with
Migros Bank
Touring Club Schweiz
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