You're now a member of the All-in-one subscription service by gowago, the easiest way to lease a car in Switzerland.
All-in-one combines all of the services you need to own and use your car into one affordable monthly payment.
Your customer card
When you want to use the All-in-one inclusions, contact or visit one of our partners and show your All-in-one customer card.
Our partners will provide the services included in your subscription at no extra cost.
You will receive a payment slip for your All-in-one subscription every month. The payment is due on the last day of the month.
We recommend setting up a standing order for the payment in your bank account.
Contact us
Get in touch with us if you have any questions about All-in-one or your car. We are available 9:00 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday.
What’s included in your subscription
Full-casco insurance
You are covered by a comprehensive and collision insurance provided by Baloise. In case of emergency, please contact the insurance provider directly:
You can see the terms of the insurance and what it covers on the All-in-one terms and documents
Extended warranty
We extend your car’s warranty so that you’re protected for the whole length of your lease.
If you need something repaired, please contact us and we will recommend a partner garage close to you.
You can see the terms of the warranty on the All-in-one terms and documents
Servicing and maintenance are included in your subscription.
When it's time for a service, contact us and we will recommend one of our 300+ partner garages close to you.
Vehicle tax
We'll cover your annual vehicle tax.
When you receive the payment slip from your canton, send a scanned copy of it to all-in-one@gowago.ch and we'll pay the cost immediately.
Your subscription includes new winter and summer tyres every 30'000 km.
One of our partner garages will provide you with new tyres and mount them on your current wheel rims. Contact us and we will recommend a garage close to you.
Tyre changes and storage
Change your tyres in one of our 300+ partner garages. You can also store the unused tyres in the garage until the next season.
Contact us and we will recommend a garage close to you.
Your car will come with a vignette for this year. We will also send you a new vignette every year free of charge.
If you're having any issues with your vignette, please contact us and we will sort it out.
Partnered with
Migros Bank
Fleet Service
Touring Club Schweiz
Migros Bank
Touring Club Schweiz
Fleet Service
The granting of credit is not allowed if it results in over-indebtedness of the consumer.
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